Cleaning Time Window Setup

Q: When I go to enter my “Cleaning Window” in a new job, am I entering the window of time during which my cleaner can arrive comfortably? Or is the “Cleaning window from the “Start time” to the “Finish Time”?


A: The “Cleaning Window” is your personal start to finish time for your housekeeper. In other words, you would put the time you would need them to begin working (for example, 8 AM) in the box on the left, and you would put the time when you expect the housekeeper’s job to be finished (For example, 1 PM) in the box on the right.


This would make the “Cleaning Window” for that particular job:

8 AM to 1 PM

You can skip entering this for each job as eCleanit will default to the Property Cleaning Window if setup under Property.


Please note that since you will be using housekeepers with whom you already have an established and trusting relationship, you will know how much time to allocate for your housekeepers per each of your properties. Entering this information is merely recording what you typically have to keep in your head along with a million other things. Look at this as de-cluttering your brain…smart move on your part.

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