How to Request & Schedule a Cleaning

  1. When you receive your airbnb or VRBO Reservation Confirmation email, just forward it to:
  3. Alternatively, you can login into your account at, select Jobs from the Left side Menu, then click New Job at the bottom of the middle column. 

  1. Your cleaner(s) will be notified of the available job as well as the cleaning time and time window for cleaning.
  2. If your cleaner accepts, eCleanit will notify the owner by email and the housekeeper by SMS, confirming the acceptance of the job.
  3. If your cleaner declines, eCleanIt will notify the next cleaner (if multiple cleaners are in your profile) until one accepts, or all cleaners have been depleted, at which time the Owner or Property MAnager is notified via email and the job is canceled.

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